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Eight Million People Are Waiting to Read Your Articles on currently gets over eight million page hits in over 50 countries and boasts  a 9/10 Google page ranking, guaranteeing that sponsored content increases institutions’ engagement and views.

Our content advertising options are proven to increase business school’s Google page ranking  in a time efficient manner, based on a strategic process of incorporating articles into our online library of organic content, giving institutions access to a targeted audience and direct engagement with over 8 million potential candidates indefinitely.

Get in touch with a QS representative today to discuss how we can publish stories on on your behalf.

  • Over 8 million page views.

  • Reach an additional 10 million via TopMBA’s social media platforms.

  • Beat ad blockers with higher education content marketing.

  • Sponsored article reports with complete page views and link information.

  • ROI metrics highlighting time on page, click through rates and visits by country.

  • Permanent position on website resulting in indefinite traffic generation.

  • Construct your own articles, or commission one of our talented writers to write one for you.

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