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Quality Research and Intelligence Solutions

QS is the leading authority on higher education trends. Through its QS Intelligence Unit (QSIU), tit provides independent, highly sought-after research for the higher education industry.

Committed to the key values of rigorous integrity, undeniable value and charismatic presentation, QSIU strives to be the most trusted independent source of global intelligence on the higher education sector.

QS Stars

QS Stars

The QS Stars system evaluates universities against a range of important performance indicators based on a ratings method. It awards Stars to an institution, based on a range of criteria and can include universities not traditionally well-placed in rankings. It is a university rating system which provides opportunities for these institutions to highlight their strengths via awarded recognition.

QS Stars provide:

  • Students and parents a detailed analysis of an individual institution’s performance broken down by a broad set of criteria
  • Universities a comprehensive and detailed view of their institution’s performance, aiding in the strategic planning and development
Our Methodology

QS Analytics Solutions

QS Intelligence Unit (QSIU), the leading higher education market analysis authority produces independent, highly sought-after research for the higher education industry.


  • Rankings Tracker
    The Rankings Tracker allows your institution to select at least 15 target peers from the QS World University Rankings®, with which to compare themselves against.
  • Academic Reputation Dataset
    The Academic Reputation Dataset enables you to further analyze your institution’s academic performance and brand perception.
  • Employer Reputation Dataset
  • The Employer Reputation Dataset enables you to further analyze your institution’s employability performance and brand perception with recruiters who have hired your graduates.
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Market Insight Service

The Market Insight Service can assist you to receive direct feedback from prospective students by conducting focus groups in regions of interest. Our focus groups are run by a QS dedicated team, experts on student recruitment and experiences.

After the focus groups, you will receive a short report outlining key findings and implications for your institution and potential next steps. The report will also include quantitative insight based on the student surveys QS runs worldwide, highlighting exactly what is distinct about students from the region of your interest.

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Employer Diagnostic Service

To find out what employers really think of your institution, we send them a survey market analysis survey on your behalf. This survey combines standard questions used for the QS Global Employer Survey and specific questions you want to find the answers for.

Once the data is collected and compiled, you will receive an online access to your Employer Diagnostic Service dashboard. From there, you can check the employers’ responses and filter them according to your needs. We will also deliver a 2-5 pages report to help you go through the dataset in a comprehensive way.

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Branding Portfolio

The QS University Rankings supplements and Employers’ Guide are important platforms for higher education branding. Institutions can ensure that their brand is established with academics, university staff and employers on a global scale.

Each QS university Rankings results are published in a supplement, sent electronically on the morning of each release and printed for distribution at major higher education conferences around the globe.

490,000 electronic copies delivered to academics and employers annually and 35,000 printed copies distributed during international conferences such as AIEA, AIEC, CAIE, CASE, CBIE, CIRPA, EAIE, Going Global, HESPA, IREG, NAFSA and more.

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