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With over 27 years’ experience in the Higher Education sector, QS connects students and MBA candidates at different education and career stages with Higher Education Institutions like yours.

In addition to the organization of global student events, we drive applications and enrollment via targeted online lead generation solutions and bespoke services, included below:

Student Events and Fairs – Grow Student Application Numbers with Confidence

We offer direct access to thousands of prospective students through events and fairs organized in over 40 countries each year.

Our goal is to facilitate the connection between undergraduate, graduate and MBA candidates and universities and business schools around the world by organizing simple, effective, and user-friendly venues, supported by our dedicated and experienced staff.

  • What we offer – an innovative registration process, events mobile app and pre-screening technology enable us to provide you with a targeted number of leads that you can meet in person.

  • Why choose our events – our wide geographic coverage and flexible event add-ons enable you to target specific candidate demographics and even engage with them via pre-set one-on-one meetings.

I have been very impressed with the overall organization of all QS events I have personally attended. The quality of service, the willingness to continuously seek improvement, and the friendliness of QS employees is exceptional.

Melissa Jones, Assistant Director of Marketing, INSEAD

Events for Business Schools and MBA Candidates

Our World MBA Tour fairs are driving 40% increase in year-on-year leads for many of our clients. Specialized add-ons, including Executive MBA sections, branded school presentations, and Women in Leadership roundtable networking sessions are also available in select cities.

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Events for Universities and Undergraduate  / Graduate Candidates

Our fairs are seeing over 110,000 registrations every year and our candidate quality has a rate of 4.6/6. Specialized add-ons, including branded school presentations and pre-scheduled Connect Masters 121 meetings with candidates are available for FAME subjects in select cities.

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Online Student Portals – Engage with Student Hopefuls Who are Actively Searching for Their Next Educational Journey

We have developed key ways for you to gain exposure to our candidate community on, and, and we will help you increase your brand exposure, tell the world about new programs and facilitate quality engagement with potential students through ROI-driven content, emails and newsletters. Learn more >>.

  • Each year, our student portal  attracts over  50 million visits, and almost 80% of this audience represents students actively looking to enroll in a program.
  • Advanced multimedia profiles on our websites drive a 25% average click-through-rate.
  • Enjoy full support and optimization offered by our team and receive inquiries from those interested in studying with you.
  • Detailed and comprehensive reporting so you can gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns.

“The email brought 86 registrants and thanks to the display campaign and the sponsored article we got another 145. This is a conversion rate of 16% on our website, which is great.”

Jan-Frederic Buss, Digital Marketing Manager, SWEDISH INSTITUTE

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Student Enrolment Services – Maximize your student recruitment with a range of services from QS Enrolment Solutions (formerly Hobsons Solutions)

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CRM for Student Recruitment – Streamline Applicant Data Management with MoveIn

MoveIN enables educational institutions to effectively automate and streamline student recruitment processes for improved accuracy and more efficient results.

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