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Engage Targeted Candidates To Boost Interest In Your STEM Programs

QS STEM Events facilitates face-to-face engagement with targeted candidates
actively researching STEM programs that match their education goals.

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Meet Your STEM Programs Recruitment Goals With Our Specialized Events

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Why QS Recruitment Events?

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What Customers Are Saying 

“My experience with QS at the STEM events was beneficial and rewarding. The students were of great quality and the organization of the event was flawless. More importantly, the ability to connect with them one-on-one via the 121 events was a unique feature I don’t see with other companies. I look forward to participating in future STEM events with QS”

Kaitlin Long, SMU Lyle School of Engineering

“This was the first time our UCLA MFE program participated in the QS STEM Connect 1-2-1 event and it was a great experience! I was engaged the whole time, speaking with hand-picked, qualified candidates whose backgrounds fit our program’s requirements”

Leanna Cortez, Associate Director, MFE Program, UCLA

“The 1-2-1 STEM Connect sessions are the best way to meet the most qualified students for your programs. Not only do you learn more about their goals and background, but you can also provide tailored information that is relevant to them and most useful for their particular situation or circumstances.”

Lola Pak Assistant Director, Marketing & Recruiting, George Washington University

Events Schedule & Overview 

STEM Events Schedule 

DateWorld Grad School TourConnect Masters
MON Sep-03Mexico City (STEM)Mexico City (BUSINESS & STEM)
SAT Sep-08Bogota (STEM)Bogota (BUSINESS & STEM)
MON Sep-10Rio de Janeiro (STEM)Rio de Janeiro (BUSINESS & STEM)
THU Sep-13Sao Paulo (STEM)Sao Paulo (BUSINESS & STEM)
SAT Sep-29Istanbul (STEM)
TUE Oct-02Moscow (STEM)Moscow (BUSINESS & STEM)
SAT Oct-06London (STEM)London (BUSINESS & STEM)
MON Oct-15Venice (STEM)Venice (BUSINESS & STEM)
TUE Oct-16Milan (STEM)Milan (BUSINESS & STEM)
SAT Oct-20Athens (STEM)Athens (BUSINESS & STEM)
WED Nov-14Kuala Lumpur (STEM)Kuala Lumpur (BUSINESS & STEM)
SAT Nov-17Jakarta (STEM)Jakarta (BUSINESS & STEM)
SAT Dec-01Mumbai (STEM)Mumbai (BUSINESS & STEM)
WED Dec-05New Delhi (STEM)New Delhi (BUSINESS & STEM)
FRI Dec-07Hyderabad (STEM)Hyderabad (STEM only)
SUN Dec-09Bangalore (STEM)Bangalore (BUSINESS & STEM)
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Candidate Profiles  

CitySTEM Background %Interested in STEM %
Mexico City28.747.2
Rio de Janeiro28.648.7
Sao Paulo22.140.2
Kuala Lumpur31.846.7
New Delhi31.149.5
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How We Work with You

  1.  We meet with you to understand your needs and strategic objectives
  2. We test and check our understanding of these needs
  3. We search across our databases and suggest ideal markets, event type and timing
  4. A proposal is submitted, if successful accepted a contract is drawn up and we confirm your participation
  5. At that point our Customer Service Team are engaged and they contact you to check that the details and information they have is correct
  6. A full on-boarding process is then set up, helping you to understand on a 1-2-1 basis how QS systems help you to access our data, book hotels, ship materials and enter all necessary information into QS Outreach
  7. Two months before each event a full set of joining instructions are provided to you and the road show begins!
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Customer Feedback

I would like to start off by saying that the QS in Zurich was a real success. We loved the way it was organised, the hospitality of the staff; the panel was handled in a very interactive and professional manner and we got some high-quality leads.

Lilyana Stoilova, International Admissions Manager, EDHEC Business School

QS Asia premium offers a great opportunity to connect with top candidates all over the world with a wide variety of cities/countries options. The professionalism of the QS team is second to none, they are extremely helpful before, during and after each event, making recruiters work that much easier. It’s an absolute pleasure to work alongside such people!

Loubna Bouamane, Ph.D, Director, Graduate Business Admissions, University of Miami

The QS staff understands customer service. From the time we register for an event to post-event communication, they understand (and can predict) our needs!

Maria Berberabe Pineda, Director of Admissions, Full Time MBA, University Maryland – Smith School of Business

The QS C1-2-1 format is a tried and tested way to reaching top MBA candidates from all over the world. Having the opportunity to meet with candidates who we are not currently in contact with and who are very focused on undertaking an MBA in the near future presents an excellent opportunity to recruit quality students to our different MBA programmes.

Chris Healy, Head of MBA Marketing & Recruitment, Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester

Participation in selected QS World Grad School fairs allows us to leverage on QS’ sterling international reputation, standing, and worldwide networks to spread our message and to introduce our multi-disciplinary programmes to students from a broad sweep of academic and research backgrounds at prime locations across the globe.

Ho Wei Min , National University of Singapore, Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering (NGS)

QS team was at the TOP, as usual! Professionals, friendly, always present to help us!

Claire Benoit, INSEAD

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